Sculptural 18th century Italian gilded crucifix with calcite crystals and baroque pearls. The calcite crystals are from Elmwood Mine, Tennessee. It is an example of the world's finest crystallized calcite. It is unequaled by those from any other part of the world (referenced from the "American Mineral Treasure" book, pg. 337).

The piece is mounted on the calcite crystals in matrix and an original 18th century Italian gilded wood base. The piece also has a 18th century gilded figure of Christ. Behind the figure is a halo create from baroque pearls and the hands and feet are adorned with baroque pearls and calcite crystals.

The Italian crucifix is preserved and transformed into a figurative, contemporary work of art. With the combination of the precious minerals, the church artifact becomes a sculptural work of historic and organic significance. Interi is known for it's precious collections of sculptural ecclesiastical artifacts. Recently Interi's Crucifix Collection exhibited with Museo de' Medici in Florence, Italy which just closed April 21st, 2024.

Size: 25 in high x 15 in wide x 6 in deep