A spolvero is a free hand drawing on paper made in order to execute a wall painting. The holes were used to transfer the drawing on the wall by pouncing (to pounch=spolverare) with a cloth containing carbon powder.

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In 1883 in Milan there was operating a society of mutual aid among the Italian gilding, varnisher workers. At the same time the Guide of Milan listed under the category of Decorators, plasterers and ornamentalist thirty studios and craftsman workshops, everyone with their own specialty. In 1892 among the painters, decorators, plasterers and gilding varnishers there were 275 companies represented by a workers union that had been formed only 9 months previously. A cooperative of stuccoers, worker in concrete, painters and plasterers offered its services for jobs and decorations for facades and interiors-decorations in chalk and in bright stuccos-pavements in (gettata) -tables, fireplaces, washbasins -bathtubs-canals, staircases, balustrades plastering and painted decorations. Over time the demands for original decorations diminished, in which the job of the painter is exclusive and personal. Still in the mid 1880’s, the great bourgeoisie and aristocracy of Milan entrusted the decoration of their own dwellings to artists of academic formation who alternated this activity with the production of paintings for official art expositions . The cooperative painters-plasterers besides the usual plastering jobs employed skilled laborers which would do nearly any type of painting.