A World of Historic and Organic Beauty

Interi captures the beauty of the past using natural specimens, artistic methods, and contemporary interpretations. We create sculptural art and design elements from lighting and mirrors to decorative minerals and fossil shells using 17-18th century Italian fragments and rare gemstones from around the world. Each piece is unique, each design is innovative, and each expression is timeless.

Artifacts Reimagined

From Church to Home

Each Interi piece hales from different corners of the world, crafted by human hands and nature itself. From Brazil to Italy, the sculptural formation has a history like no other. Follow the story across time and space.

Shine Bright Like a Calcite

Minerals evoke fascination and inspiration - treasures of the earth transported into our home. Interi holds rare museum pieces of calcite crystals, graded as the best in the world, combining them with Italian artifacts to create our original, featured collection.

"The spirituality of Jean's work is what first caught my eye. There is a sense of a higher presence at play, a longing of cast off elements to be rediscovered as true works of art. They are being called to a higher purpose.
I have always greatly admired the craftsmanship of the artisans. Interi presents these works as true art while creating something unique and new. This is where the spirituality takes flight."
— Lauren Dillon, Executive Designer of Master of Plaster
"Jean O’Reilly Barlow is an artist of merit and originality. What she has created through Interi was borne of keen observation and a passion for historic preservation. inherent is a symmetry of beauty and significance with respect to both the past and the present. This is burgeoning artwork of noteworthy scale and importance, just on the brink of what it truly deserves: serious recognition with a wider audience."
— Gerry Eisenberg, New York Times Published Interior Designer
"Each piece, and the time and love that goes into creating that piece, makes it truly a unique and special treasure. And Jean's love and passion for her artistry truly shines through! I have over two dozen Interi pieces in my private collection, as well as pieces purchased for my clients and my shop. Both Jean and her daughters are delightful - very special people who I have gotten to know and admire. Mangia bene, ridi spesso, ama molto!"
— Kimberly Bellissimo, Founder & Curator of KBeeHaven
"Fragments represent a chance to own a piece of history from 17th to 18th century Italy. I have historical pieces throughout my home to remind me of the glory and grandeur that once existed. I am drawn to the pure, natural beauty of the fragments, minerals and fossil shells which, when combined by Jean into a fragment creation, become a work of art of the finest artistic quality."
— Emily Manning, Art Collector
"I have a considerable collection of Interi's captivating pieces which add so much texture and depth to any room. I have three older children, and hope my collection will live on with them for years to come. Over the years, I have noticed some other artists trying to emulate Interi objects of art. Jean's connections in Europe along with her eye for mixing mediums cause her work to stand alone as spectacular."
— Alison Kimble, Interior Designer

About Interi

Interi founder and creative director, Jean O'Reilly Barlow, talks about how she started Interi and how each piece shares a story and transformation of broken to beautiful.