Florence flood of 1966

Interi Presents The Florence Collection with Florence University of the Arts

June 23rd - August 3rd.

Interi is set to premier a major exhibition of historic fragment artifacts found from the infamous Florence flood with Florence University of the Arts this summer. The exhibition will take place at FUA's gallery showcasing Interi's Florence Collection. This collection is made up of carefully curated and created sculptures from the collection of historic fragment artifacts found from the flooding of the Arno in 1966. This particular flood was the worst recorded since the Renaissance. After days of severe and heavy rainfall, the Arno River flooded and submerged the Tuscan streets. Along with the thousands of masterpieces of art and rare books, tons of mud and rubble severely damaged or destroyed the artifacts in the very churches they adorned.
Years ago, Barlow began to take interest and buy these fragments out of her own fascination. Now, she has great difficulty finding any more. The collection of distressed ecclesiastical relics have been preserved and transformed by Barlow using rare natural specimens from all around the world to create historic yet contemporary sculptural works. By incorporating the rare minerals, it looks as though the pieces evolved together over time.
“Each one has been recreated and reveals a new interpretation,” says Barlow. “What was submerged and stripped of its color and meaning still retains its history and beauty. What was weathered and worn is now reimagined and reborn. What was lost is now found.”
The exhibition will premiere on June 23rd at the Corridoio Fiorentino gallery of Italian international university, Florence University of the Arts and will run until August 3rd. It will be open to students and the public. Barlow will also collaborate with students and guest lecture during the duration of the exhibition. To find out more about the event, email us at info@interionline.com.