At Interi, we believe that art can be a form of activism and that businesses should not simply exist to make a profit, but also work to make the world a better place. 

For our business, we preserve and restore church artifacts that have been discarded by historic Italian churches and transform each piece into sculptural art and designs. Like the artifacts, there are millions of people who see no future for themselves, feeling worthless with no value. The modern world currently faces a slavery epidemic where 50+ million people are enslaved (Source: International Justice Mission). Of those millions of people, 71% are women and girls, many of whom are being forced into the trafficking industry (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime).

In order to take part in the fight against modern-day slavery, Interi is teaming with organizations that advocate on women's behalf: Lighthouse for Life and International Justice Mission. Both seek to raise awareness about the realities of human trafficking while restoring victims to wholeness. In the same line of empowering women to find hope, Interi also teams with Clothed in Hope, a non-profit organization providing micro-loans and business courses, sewing and skills training, and emergency food distribution to vulnerable women in Zambia. 

As part of our 'More than a Fragment' initiative, Interi donates 10% of online profits towards helping Lighthouse for Life, International Justice Mission, and Clothed in Hope reach their mission to rescue, restore, and empower -- giving new hope to the hopeless. Interi is driven by an all female team, and hopes to empower women to achieve the same. To learn more about these organizations or to make a donation, please visit their websites:

Our desire is that the fragment sculptures can artistically articulate that there is beauty behind brokenness. These precious artifacts remind us that what is deemed as insignificant and broken is not beyond restoration, but can be transformed into something much more beautiful than before. It’s just like us, we are all made more beautiful in and not in spite of trials and tribulation. But we must be willing to offer others that hope and Interi’s mission and vision is to do just that.