Sculptural 18th century Italian cross mounted on smoky quartz crystals in matrix with pyrite formations. The center of the cross has an abstract figure of Christ created from acrylic crystals. The missing sunrays are replaced with the smoky quartz crystal points to emulate the halo around the cross. The smoky quartz crystals in matrix is a rare mineral formation and the small pieces of pyrite naturally formed on the piece. The ecclesiastical artifact combined with the organic elements creates a piece that looks as though it evolved together over time. With the addition of the acrylic abstract figure of Christ, the cross becomes a crucifix. 

The Italian cross is preserved and transformed into a figurative, contemporary work of art. With the combination of organic elements, the church artifact becomes a sculptural work of historic and organic significance. Interi is known for it's precious collections of sculptural ecclesiastical artifacts. Recently Interi exhibited The Crucifix Collection with Museo de' Medici in Florence, Italy which just closed April 21st, 2024.

Size: 31 in high x 15 in wide x 8 in deep