18th century Italian hand-carved gold leaf architectural element with a pair of hand-cast plaster angels, a plaster rosette, and a detail plaster cornice molding. It is adorned with coordinating white fossil shells and gold baroque pearls. The gilded architectural element was originally created for a historic Italian church and has a hand-carved sunray beaming from the center. 

The plaster cherubs are placed onto each side of the architectural element and fit perfectly as it they were created for the piece. The cornice molding crowns the top of the piece and the plaster rosette is mounted on the bottom. 

The Italian artifact, hand-cast plaster elements and fossil shells and baroque pearls are put together to create a large sculptural work of old and new - creating a historically and organically significant work of art to adorn any wall or grace any space.

Size: 36" high x 17" wide x 3" deep