Sculptural 18th century Italian figure of Christ on a Carrara marble slab with smokey quartz crystals, citrine crystals, elestial quartz, black irritated quartz, and oyster shells. The figure of Christ was originally part of a crucifix from a church in Tuscany.

The marble comes from the iconic Carrara mine in Italy which is famous for its elegant white marble. Jean O'Reilly Barlow, the founder and creative director of Interi, handpicked the marble directly from the mine. It is adorned with the different types of crystal quartz and oyster shells to coordinate with the dark figure of Christ and contrast with the carrara marble. The figure of Christ's arms are made of citrine crystals.

Together the figure of Christ and natural elements create a figurative, contemporary work of historic significance.

Size 17" wide x 10" high x 4" deep

Weight: 14 lbs