Italian 18th century Rococo archtop painted and gilded mirror. The frame is decorated with gold leaf c-scroll leaves and urns with a shell sculpted and carved molding. It has marbleized painted inlay with muted colors of blue, green, and gray with wine veining creating a marble effect.

The mirror is richly decorated with carved wood elements and a coordinating trim. These frame the central shelf corner of the carved urns which signify the possible use of an over mantel for a large room with high ceilings. The mirror has the original mercury mirror and is distressed due to age. The back of the mirror is also original.

This mirror was created in Italy during the Rococo era of the 18th century. Rococo style is characterized by elaborate ornamentation, asymmetrical values, and curved or serpentine lines as reflected in this mirror.

This mirror was owned by Sybil Connolly, the world-famous, Irish-based fashion designer of the 20th century. She was known for creating the gowns worn by Jaqueline Kennedy Onassis, Julie Andrews, and Elizabeth Taylor. The mirror once adorned her Georgian home and atelier in Marion Square, Dublin, Ireland (as seen in the last picture copied from the book, "Dublin: A Grand Tour" by Jacqueline O'Brien with Desmond Guinness). The mirror was also featured in "How They Decorated: Inspiration from Great Women of the Twentieth Century" by P. Gaye Tapp with a forward by Charlotte Moss.

All the elements of the 18th century Rococo grand mirror create a historically significant and opulent piece for any space or home.

Size: 80" high x 52" wide x 4" deep