18th century Italian hand-carved gold leaf angel wing on a crystal quartz cluster with baroque pearls.

The hand-carved gold leaf angel wing is originally from a historic church in Liguria. This piece is particularly rare and exquisite due to its unique shape and size. It is gold leaf and has a bole underlay. The ecclesiastical artifact is mounted on a bed of quartz crystals. The baroque pearls, tangerine quartz, and citrine crystals have been adorned where parts of the wing were broken. The pearls and crystal quartz have been dusted with powders that Italian restorers used. They perfectly and effortlessly match the artifact and look as if they naturally grew from the wing.

The Italian angel wing has been joined together with the quartz cluster and baroque pearls to create a sculptural work of old and new, creating a piece that appears to have evolved together over time. Interpreting the past to create a piece entirely original, evolving in its own right. Through the preservation of the ecclesiastical artifact, it carries historical prominence and sacred significance while being transformed into a contemporary work of art. 

Size: 15" high x 16.5" wide x 10" deep

Crystal cluster - 15 lbs