Pair of 18th century Italian fragments with a gold flower relief decorated with natural forming baroque pearls to emulate the flower on a matrix of barite and double terminated calcite crystals.

This particular form of barite comes from Elk Creek, Meade County, South Dakota. Its locality is well known for producing unusual and rare specimens of golden barite crystals on an attractively contrasting matrix of a charcoal-gray color.

Specimens of golden barite from South Dakota are much sought after by collectors and are represented in most major museums as well as many private collections. This particular specimen usually features multiple lustrous, transparent, golden-amber colored barite crystals and golden calcite crystals.

Size: 11.5" high x 6" wide x 6.5" deep (left) / 11.5" high x 6" wide x 4.5" deep (right)

4.5 lbs (left) & 2.75 lbs (right)