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17th century Italian church vase with fossil agate coral.

This fragment is from a church in Florence. It was found and saved from the historic flooding of the Arno River in 1966.

Fossil agate coral is mounted on top of the artifact. Fossil agate coral is Florida's state stone and is known for its unique formation that can take place over 20 million years. It's a natural gemstone that is created when prehistoric coral is gradually replaced with agate. The agate resembles the color, texture, and shape of the piece. The back of the base is combined with a rocky sea matrix. All the mineral elements appear as though they evolved together over time with the piece.

The story and history of this piece and Interi's collection of Florence fragments, in particular, are very interesting. While many fragments are distressed due to age, these Florence fragments in particular stand apart. They symbolize a history that has been carried through the streets of Italy, to an Italian palazzo where they were collected, to the Interi studio, to now the modern home or gallery.

Size: 9.25" high x 3" wide