18th century Italian sunray with gold and silver leaf with inserts of antique mirror and stained glass on a coordinating mica base encrusted with garnets. Sunray is also decorated with tangerine crystal quartz points and a coordinating natural forming pearl within the formations of the mica. 

The sunray originally came from a prestigious church in Tuscany. It once served as a decorative motif part of the halo surrounding a religious figure in the church. The minerals complement the details in the sunray - the 3 big sheet silicates of mica emulate the 3 ovals of the mirror/stained glass decoration. The garnets, which can naturally form in mica, coordinate with the stained glass. The silver leaf correlates with the color and texture of the mica in matrix.

The Italian church sunray artifact, baroque pearl, tangerine quartz crystal, garnets, and mica in matrix are put together in a sculptural form - creating a piece that appears to have evolved together over time. Interpreting the past to create a historical yet modern piece entirely original, evolving in its own right.

Size: 26" high x 8.5" wide x 5" deep