18th century Italian hand-carved angel wing on calcite crystals in a matrix of sphalerite.

The hand-carved gold leaf angel wing is originally from a church in Tuscany. The ecclesiastical artifact is adorned with calcite crystals in a matrix of sphalerite from the Elmwood Mine in Tennessee. It is an example of the world's finest crystallized calcite. With the unusual formation of sphalerite, it is unequaled by those from any other part of the world (referenced from the "American Mineral Treasure" book, pg. 337).

The Italian angel wing has been joined together with the calcite crystals to create a new sculptural work of old and new, creating a piece that appears to have evolved together over time. Interpreting the past to create a piece entirely original, evolving in its own right. Through the preservation of the ecclesiastical artifact, it carries historical prominence and significance while being transformed into a contemporary work of art. Rococo meets organic modern.

SIze 13.5" high x 6" wide x 4.5"